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Samy Hammad, Rechtsanwalt und Fernsehmoderator

Office Offenburg:           0781-2842377                                                                                                                                                                              

Office Gengenbach:      07803-5034966 

Office Zell a. H.:              07835-41189700


For press enquiries, please contact the head office in Offenburg: +49.781.28.42.377






The values of trust and performance are decisive for a working style that meets the highest professional standards and is characterized by personal closeness. This is what we stand for and the high level of satisfaction and loyalty of our clients confirms that we are on the right track. We strive for a long-term and trusting cooperation. For our existing clients, the firm is available at all times; this ensures that the firm can be reached outside of normal business hours, even if urgent action is required. In times of globalization, this is an indispensable condition for the complete and best possible protection of our clients' legal interests. 


We work as part of a network of highly specialized lawyers. This means that you only need one contact person for all your consulting needs. On the page "LEGAL FIELDS" you will find a description of the most important areas of law that we handle.


Our focus is always on the best possible enforcement of your rights. At the same time, we make sure that the most economical and thus the most favorable course of action is chosen for you, especially if there are several possible courses of action for your legal problem.


Not every court dispute has to end in a settlement. Our aim is always to win a case completely by a fair, but in the matter quite hard and precise approach. If a diplomatic approach or a settlement is indeed the better option, this path will of course also be chosen. However, this is not an automatism (for us). 


For our existing clients, an initial consultation is a service that is always provided free of charge. On the whole, it is more expedient to contact us prior to an upcoming legal decision. Often, subsequent problems can be preemptively avoided through early consultation, such as before signing an important contract. The office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for existing clients.


For new clients, the service of a free initial consultation depends on the workload of the office. As a new client, please contact the respective office during normal opening hours in order to clarify the workload or the acceptance of your mandate.  You can reach us by telephone at 0781-2842377 (Offenburg office), at 07835-41189700 (Zell am Harmersbach office) or via e-mail: info@hammad.de.



Samy Hammad, Attorney-At-Law